Think Beyond The Borders

It’s set of Free tools to Manage and Organize Optical Discs.

  • Cdrtools Burn Engine

    Highly portable CD/DVD/BluRay command line recording software.
  • MySQL Database

    The world’s most popular open source database system.
  • Qt4 Cross Platform

    Cross Platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software.
  • Hardware Abstract Layer

    Use HAL (Hardware Abstract Layer) to found and detects hardware devices.
  • MultiTask and Application Manager.
  • Burn and Copy Optical Discs.
  • Multiplatform & compatible with your desktop.
  • Support all type of optical discs.
  • Disc Image Mounter.
  • Powerful multimedia system.
  • MySQL Database to manage files on the discs.
  • Animation User Interface.
  • Drag And Drop.
  • Themes, Icons, Plugins, Colors and …
  • It’s Free Software and under GPL License.

Multi Task and Application Manager

This is a technology that runs and manage number of Special Applications (Not Process) on the silicon Empire. It’s not an Operating System. But uses some similar methods to manage applications.This Technology help silicon applications to be connected to each other easily and perfectly. Also With the help of this Technology you can doing number of Your Jobs with silicon in the same time. For Example when you burning a DVD you can also Copy an other Disc, View your pictures or Listening to your Favorite Music and other jobs.Also Developers and Programers can make High Performance Applications that run on the silicon easily and and whitout any changes to base of the system. All of this features make possible with silicon multi-tasking technology.

Burn and Copy Optical Discs

silicon Empire Can Burn and Copy Optical Discs with help of the cdr-tools engine. Because The Disc Burner of the silicon Empire builds on the low level layers , silicon can Manage and Queuing overlapping burn or copy processes. It’s an Intelligent System. Burn and Copy Optical discs is possible with two applications that run on silicon. silicon Copy-Disc Application can Copy Disc to Disc, Disc to Image (iso file system) or Image to Disc. Also silicon Data-Disc Burner Can Make Data Optical disc or Data Iso Image. Burning on the fly supported. Also silicon Can Erase or Formating ReWritable Discs perfectly.

Multi Platform and Compatible with your Desktop

It’s MultiPlatform, Means run on number of Operating Systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (Currently Windows and Mac Version is under construction). It’s possible with help of Qt Technology. In the Unix Like operating systems silicon detects Desktop Environments (like KDE or Gnome) to make more compability and better connection with environment. Also silicon support theme styles that you can download your favorites themes to make silicon look like your desktop or operating system.

Support All type of Discs

silicon support all standard type of the optical discs like CD, DVD (DVD+R or DVD-R) and Blu-Ray. When you insert your disc in the device, silicon Automaticaly detect all about your discs. Re-Writable Discs Supported Also.

Image Mounter

Mount/Unmount Discs Images with help of fuseiso technology. It’s fast, easy and high quality mounting. Also you can drag and drop many image and see how silicon mounting all of that Quickly. It’s Support iso, nrg, bin, mdf and img file formats.

Multimedia System

They are Applications that allow you to play your favorite musics ,see your pictures and in future play your videos. This Applications helps to other Applications to show pictures, play musics or videos without need to putting this feature in own features. Also This Applications can find files on silicon database and play them from hard disc or from optical discs. See Also DataBase Feature.

MySQL DataBase to manage files on the discs. (coming soon)

Good and Usefull feature. When you burn, create or copy an Optical disc, silicon scan this disc and store all informations about included files (all of meta datas) to the silicon database (using MySQL technology). now after a long time, when you need to find your file in many of the discs, just search in the silicon database and silicon tell you that where is your file. Also it’s used to media player library, picture library and image library to manage your other files.

Animated User Interface

silicon has beautiful User Interface. It’s use many animations effects to make silicon User Interface The more beautiful. But if you want, you can disable this feature manualy in the silicon configuration window.

Themes, Icons, Plugins, Colors and … .

It’s high customizable. You can make customize silicon with Style themes that make with css, Icon theme or color themes. Also silicon support plugins that written with C++ programing language. Plugins help you to make silicon empire more customize.

Drag & Drop

Support Drag & Drop functions in the main menu and most of the applications. This make silicon working easily and quickly.

Free Software

silicon is a free software. It’s under GPL and LGPL License version 3. read more about GPL here.